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The Story

Jägers Riders Guild skateboard company is based around the Jägers skatepark which was a DIY spot from 1998 until 2015 when it was reborn as a granite plaza with a free indoor skatepark as well. Jägers skatepark and Jägers Riders Guild are the life works of Teit Andersen who lives and breathes skateboarding. The motivation to make skateboards was bringing a refreshing flavor of graphics with a nostalgic and local feel. He has designed shoes for Element from 2013 until present day and has past experiences from working directly with US brands such as C1RCA, ExpeditionOne, Gold Wheels and DGK. In addition to shoes and various products Teit designs skateparks; Holmehaven (2004), Nørrebro Skatepark (2006), Skelager, Aalborg (2009), LTU (2013), Trørødskolen (2014), Horne “Grønne Hjørne” (2017), Silkeborg “STUN” (ETB 2019) to mention a few as well as DIY street spots such as Den Røde Plads, Den Sorte Plads and Carlsberg Boble Plads in Copenhagen.

Teit Andersen, Founder of Jägers Riders Guild · bs noseslide · Beijing, China

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