Jägers Skate Park

Jägers skatepark started as a big slab of asphalt in 98. Teit built the first wooden ledges and manual pads at the city’s open youth woodshop and welded the first flatbars there as well. In 1999 we got 10 concrete blocks which made up our first “real street” ledge. With help from Cap P, Thomas Gade, Nillo, Hubert and other locals, Teit built a bunch of wood obstacles. Via continuous lobbying the local council Jägers got real funding in 2011 and 2012 which in turn made it possible to design the skatepark into the current granite plaza with a 1.000 square meters indoor -open 363 days a year from 9 to 22 and is free for all.The indoor features some of the original wood ledges as well as the granite blocks we got in 2006. 

Oscar Rambao ripping the indoor area at Jägers Skatepark

Jägers Skateboard Company Since 1998


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