Jägers plants a tree when you buy a skateboard

We are super stoked to announce our new collaboration with Trofaco. TroFaCo is socio-economic company that delivers climate compensation by planting trees. TroFaCo was established in 2014 by the Danish biologist Steffen Johnsen and Thomas O’Brien Kirk.  They have both worked for many years in international development and especially enjoyed working with farmers’ organisations which strive to serve the interests of their members and have good internal democracy. 
TroFaCo and their partners plant hundreds of thousands of trees in Uganda and Cambodia. Groups of organised farmers or schools or temples take care of them, in agreement with local authorities.

From now on, every time you buy a Jägers skateboard you plant a tree via Trofaco. Our founder Teit Andersen explains his motivation behind the collaboration:

As the owner of a skateboard company, it’s my duty to protect and replenish the natural resources that we consume. Our boards are made of wood, so we plant trees to maintain the balance.

And why is that important? 

As a kid growing up next to the forrest, it is obvious to me that the planet is under tremendous stress due to human over consumption and over population. Our climate is changing which is a massive challenge for future generation so we do what we can. 

Climate change and deforestation is not too obvious here in Denmark, but all around us tress are cut down for farming and consumer goods, every second of every day. Unfortunately deforestation has a negative impact wildlife habitats which leads or extinction of species at an alarming rate as well as reduction of biodiversity. Besides this trees obtain CO2 and produce oxygen.

And yeah we’re just a small company shipping about a thousand skateboards a year, but that shouldn’t keep small companies from taking responsibility and being part of the solution.

I’m super stoked by this partnership with TroFaCo and it’s something I been wanting to do ever since I founded Jägers Skateboards but the organisations I’ve had a dialogue with in the past were not the right fit. We hope all our supporters are stoked about this partnership as well.

Read more about TroFaCo here  –  Read more about the importance of biodiversity here

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